Sunday, October 26, 2014

Artillery & Infantry units of Stagonia

Artillerists & Artillery (heavy, light and medium) of Stagonia

Above you see some of Stagonia's splendid Artillery and Artillerists.  Below you will find images of her outstanding Infantry (please note the grenadiers -- on your left) (Also remember to click on images for a larger view).

Regular Infantry:

Regiment de Bergerac -- rated superior
Regiment de Herve -- rated superior
Regiment du Ryer -- rated veteran
Regiment de Zola -- rated veteran
Ste. Cyr Sappers Regimen -- rated veteran
Regiment de Jarry -- rated ordinary
Regiment de Vigny -- rated ordinary
Regiment du Merde -- rated ordinary

Irregular Infantry:

Curel's Croats -- rated veteran

Verne's Vlachs -- rated ordinary

Skirmishing Foot units:

Decoux's Chasseur's -- rated superior
Tassin's Chasseur's -- rated veteran
Perrot's Chasseur's -- rated ordinary

To view the Command and Mounted units of Stagonia, click on this link.

-- Jeff

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